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martes, diciembre 01, 2009
Who dares to awaken my from my slumber?

(este post va en ingles asi no quedan dudas)

Recently i run into this:
If you don't want to click the link i'll try to explain.
An americunt bitch is seeing pretty crazy stuff here in B.A.
Not only understanding things completely wrong, but judging from the FUCK YEAH, AMERICA position. That's when i really get mad. You don't judge. You don't have solutions for everything. If you do, go back to your country and fix your own economy.
Yes, we do have xmas in summer here, something to do with earth being round.
Yes, the goverment is paying (some of) our electricity bills. They also pay our college education, so we don't get a loan debt before we get a real job. But they don't pay subway workers, a privatized company does.
Yes, BA floods, just like Georgia, just like all the states in Mexico gulf, specially when the rain average of a month like november falls in 2 hours. Btw, sewers systems doesn't have anything to do with draining rain water, that's pluvial system.
I know we are not perfect, but don't judge, because you are only making the steriotype real.
For god's sake, you even live in palermo! go to a real neighbourhood with real needs and the you'll see sewers not working, floods, and things that will make you think you are seeing an avant premiere of The Road.
Just a thought.

(if you are mad, please, don't bring democracy to our country, i'll take it back if necesary...)

Summon me again at your peril.
posted by Nahuel @ 12/01/2009 09:39:00 a. m.  
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